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Review: Wicked Crown Hair Chalk


For quite awhile now I’ve wanted colored hair. I was given the chance to dye my hair brown which is great but really I want something a little more drastic than that. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the Wicked Crown hair chalk, something I’ve seen a few other bloggers try out, I thought it was a great chance to try it out.

Alright so of course packaging is important. This comes in a soft black cardboard box. On the front is a very futurist looking woman. She has multiple colors in her hair. On the other side of the box is an insert showing the colors of the chalk that you’re getting in the set. 

Verdict: At first I found these chalks a little hard to use. You’re supposed to dampen your hair and twist it. Then rub the chalk downward for color deposit. It’s a little bit of a process to figure out how hard to press and how to go over it again. That said with my brown hair the best colors are purple, red and the white. You can get your own HERE



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