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How to Wear: Long Skirts and Leopard Print

skirt / shirt / shoes / bag / hat 

Prints are something that I can go a little crazy with, and not always in a good way, and from my observations I’m not the only one that has this little issue. So when I had a few suggestions like “How Should I wear a floor length maxi skirt” I decided I could make an outfit guide over it. And add an accent of leopard print so this could be inspiration for adding an animal print. For the real life version you can check out my animal print dress look. I decided to go with an outfit that although casual and meant to be worn exploring the city or going to class, still looks super put together and elegant. 

  • Skirt – Maxi skirts are a fantastic outfit piece for anyone. If you’re going through a weight transition (in either direction) they’ve got you, and in an elegant way. I went with this black one for the slimming effect and the pleats keep the skirt from looking like a bag. 
  • Shirt – Black and white will never go out of style, and since white looks good with almost any hair / skin color I picked this sweater. Of course since the skirt is long and flows you have to make sure not to pick out a shirt that’s too thick or baggy. 
  • Shoes – For me adding prints correctly is all about where you place them, and I even like to go by a fraction system if I’m worried about how much is too much. Most of the time these shoes will be covered by the skirt but when people see them you know you’ll get complements on the leopard print and minimalist design. 
  • Bag – The big leopard piece is of course this gorgeous bag. It’s one of those splurge pieces but I couldn’t help but add it to the look. To match the color I went with black accents and gold hardware. 
  • Hat – I am and always will be a cat lover. I’ve done outfits with cat sweatshirts and have a cat earned beanie so of course when I saw this sun hat with cat ears I needed to add it to my outfit. Plus I think it ties in nicely with the leopard print. 

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