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Working as a Trade Show Model for the First Time


 Last week I received a call from a promotional modeling agency asking if I could fill in last minute at a trade show for a girl who wasn’t going to show up. Since this isn’t my sort of modeling thing, I of course prefer things like the Brocato shoot, I wasn’t really wanting to do it however a few things changed my mind. First of all the pay was fantastic, second it was in-between my two classes that day (I have a super long break) and if I wasn’t doing this I’d just be “hanging out”, and third I kind of wanted to get on their books because this summer they have a few promotions that would be my style. So I went ahead and said yes. The agency told me cowboy boots and a denim skirt, or business casual so since I didn’t have the cowboy boots I went with the business casual option. 

Since I was a backup I was actually confirmed until the morning of (it’s confusing how their system works) which I found out about at the end of my class. Since the trade show was so close to where I’m currently going to school I just walked over instead of having to deal with parking, which took less than 10 minutes. Once there I of course didn’t have a badge so I had to call whoever was in charge of the company I was hired out to to come get me. Then I met the other model, who totally knew what she was doing while they explained to us all about the product(s) and what we were going to do. Then we went off first to stand by the truck outside for awhile and talk to interested people there, and once it got to cold for that we headed indoors to pass out material.


 One of the first booths we passed by was one with a cockatoo who’s picture you might have seen on my Instagram last week. His owner a girl about my age was sitting next to him playing on the phone, if I had to guess I’d say she’s the daughter/granddaughter of whoever owns the company. Since I just so happen to be a bird person  of course I had to talk to her about her bird, and about mine too. As it turns out his name is Sydney and he was there to work which someone (not the girl) made him do. Demonstrating that he’s the wireless pipe tester, the latest technology, but they’re just having a little trouble getting the data from him. 


 Then there was lunch, and we were both super tired by that time, so we went to get food from one of the vendors and came back to the booth. They then all went out to lunch so we had to stay there and man the place. Heading out again we realized that the agency wanted us to take “5-6 photos of the event” so we started doing that, posing with random trucks and stuff, because there wasn’t any sort of guidelines and we just wanted to get it done. It was surprisingly easy to get people to do, just hand them your phone (don’t ask) and be like I NEED a picture in front of this. Of course remembering to smile when you’re telling them this. 


When we saw this plane we were interested in what it was, still don’t quite get it, we decided that’d be perfect for our last photo. Afterwards we had two hours left, went outside for about twenty minutes and then back inside. We had planned to go to all the booths and get free swag at the end of our time, but somehow we forgot until it was too late. I even accidentally left behind the two thing, cute St. Patricks blinking lights and a Ford bag that I had picked up behind. On the plus side I did end up with a new shirt and hat so I GUESS that makes up for it. 


Overall it was a fun event to work (being one of like 10 females in the whole place made it easy to get people to talk to you), and I got a ton of walking time in which is great for my fitness aspirations even if my legs were sore for the next two days. Even though I’d been to a trade show before with my mother it’s totally different being a seller and I was able to work on my people skills. I think if I’d not busy I’d do another one. 


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