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On IndyStyle (local TV station) #thederekwarburtonshow


 On Wednesday I had the opportunity to be an on air model for a celebrity stylist that was in town (as in Indianapolis), which was perfect for me. Like the trade show modeling it fit well into my school schedule and wasn’t far from campus so I figured why not. It wasn’t like I was going to be doing much anyways they were bring in a celebrity stylist and he (Derek Warburton) just needed models to wear the clothes. So I woke up a little early, did my hair and some light makeup and headed to the WISH TV studio. Neither parking or traffic was bad so I actually arrived about fifteen minutes early and just kind of hung out, taking selfies. As you can tell those eyelash extensions I had done to me are still going strong. 


 And this is where I sat, their break room. Nothing special, nothing bad, but the lighting was quite nice which is of course a good thing. A few minutes after I came in Derek and another guy came strolling by with him going to set things up before we could get the clothes on. I thought the two of them were a couple but quickly realized that wasn’t the case. Heading in (after completely judging the outfit I was wearing) he gave me the clothes to wear and since the dressing rooms are so tiny we (as in the other female models and I) headed to the bathroom to get the clothes on.  


Back to the dressing room where I of course had to take a mirror selfie with the clothes that were picked out for me, seriously love the top before Derek put the jewelry on us mine was a layered look for sure which other than being a little heavy was great. The out to an area with nice lighting for selfies before he went out to be on the first half of the IndyStyle show… Something about cooking. We, of course, stayed back and did some minor gossiping and a little ranting (that part totally wasn’t me). 


 Of course Derek managed to pop in in time for a selfie taken by Richard Rose who’s actually a model out of Chicago, then next to me Julia Burch a “aspiring” model and then Kia (I don’t remember her last name) who’s face I just wish were mine. Everyone’s super sweet, and it was an easy way to spend an hour. Oh and the picture does literally no one justice. 

After being on air, which was literally 4 minutes totally which were terribly long thanks to shoes that were a tad to tight we were done and the people at WishTV were nice enough to let us take pictures in their main newsroom since it wasn’t in use. Actually they even turned the lights on for us and I got this cute picture. 
Oh and stalking his Instagram I saw that he might have a few model spots open for what I did in the southern part of the US so you’ll have to check that out. 

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