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How to Wear (fake) Fur, a Dressy Outfit

Top / Skirt / Coat (similar) / Shoes 

As someone who doesn’t eat meat (animal flesh) I don’t think I’m ever going to be a fur wearer. However I can’t help but be interested in the fur coat trend so of course I had to hop on with it, but of course using faux fur instead. For this look I went with a fancy outfit that’d be perfect for a black tie event, if you’re wanting to stand out a bit. It’s young, and fun with some inspiration from Old Hollywood especially put together for cooler weather. 

  • Top – In all honesty the top isn’t that important to the outfit. However I made sure to have something that wasn’t too baggy and long sleeves are great for layered jewelry.
  • Skirt – Pencil skirts are quickly becoming a part of the Hanna Lei uniform. This one has a waistband to help accentuate, and make your waist look smaller. It’s also textured meaning you aren’t going to see every piece of you through the fabric, something I’ve had an issue with from past skirts. 
  • Coat – The star of this look is of course this white fake fur piece. I love the white feathery feel especially paired with the otherwise black outfit. With it’s short cropped cut although it is big it isn’t going to be over powering.
  • Shoes – Heels are never an option for any girl under 5’9 so of course I added a pair of pumps to finish off this fancy fur outfit. They’re just a simple black as to not take too much attention.

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