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App Review: Game of War


 Every time I watched a show on television, or an ad before a video it seemed like Game of War, Fire Age was being advertised using the beautiful Kate Upton (although I wasn’t a huge fan of how they made her up) acting as Athena. Since I’m quite easily bored during the day, one of those internet ads eventually got the best of me and I downloaded the app. Immediately I was hooked. 


 What really kept me hooked was these quests. You different sets, VIP, Alliance, and Empire, and when I first started playing I assumed that you actually had to do something for these but that isn’t the case. Simply scroll down, and click on it, and a time starts. They have different times, and the longer the better because at the end you’re awarded based on how long the time was for the timer. In each section there are roughly 3-5 little quest to do. 

Those quest items that you collect end up in your storage and as you can see above they accumulate very quickly. There’s large sums of food, speed up tokens, and boots by basically just checking into the game. I actually had way more than I needed for the game. Minus the speedups you can never have enough of those. 

 And… I figured I could pop in a picture of my Game of War empire, Hanna Lei, just before I deleted the game because just like MineCraft it’s too addictive. When you build up your city, you also have to remember to build your walls and train people because you aren’t the only one playing the game. All of the squares with fences are actually owned by a person and they can attack you (you can also hit them). The other places are resource tiles you can steal from without worry. At the top you can always see your training, quest and build progress and at the bottom are tabs for everything.The handshake icon is for helping out your alliance members.  


Speaking of alliances, mine was fantastic, and also the reason I quite. We’d almost always get a full bar on these alliance events, which are missions you do and score points with your group, and occasionally hit the leaderboard. The problem was that they’d pressure me to get so much, do so much which was hard because I’d literally just started out, and wasn’t as big as the majority of them. Overall it’s a super fun game but was just too much time. I think I prefer something that’s more singular like The Sims Free Play although I did think at Game of War was a whole lot more fun than Clash of Clans


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