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How to Pull Off a Pizza Shirt

Top / Jeans / Hat / Bag / Boots

I’m all about graphic shirts, and so many times it’s easy to do. Like in my fall look it’s just fun. However sometimes you want to give a different impression, more of a grudge outfit look, but you still want to wear that funny shirt. So I put together a moto biker look that transforms the shirt, and your look, and yes it’s one of those three day year ones. 

  • Grey Top – For this top the only rule is a “boring” color so grey, white or black would be best. Then you can use iron or sew on letters and put whatever phrase you want to on it. Not only is it cute in this look but for pajamas too. 
  • Jeans – Black jeans are something I’ve come to love since they’re perfect for a modeling outfit. Of course to add to the slimming effect I went with a skinny leg and high waist, both of which are always my go to. 
  • Hat – Because you want this look to say that you really don’t care a hat is a great piece to add. Plus with the straight hair that hasn’t been washed for days it keeps from showing off too much. 
  • Backpack – I’ve become a big book bag enthusiast since college. This one is a little cool that my everyday one though. Carrying one around though is a little more edgy and dark than a purse. Maybe even a little unisex.
  • Boots – These biker boots. I’m totally and completely in love with them. The studs and higher length are perfect for contrasting with the Pizza shirt. 

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