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What to Wear for a Spring Date Night

Top / Skirt (similar) / Necklace / Clutch / Shoes
Spring Date Night Outfit

After all the snow and cold weather that we’ve had lately I’m so happy to have warm weather around here. And it’s finally spring. So I put together a spring date night outfit that’s elegant but still has a little inspiration from spring fashion trends. It’s something in-between a fancy date night outfit and a coffee date. 

Top – Whenever  I wear a skirt I like to pair it with a crop top. It gives me the look of a shorter slimmer waist with no worries about having to tuck in a top. I decided on a very neutral black since this is a night time look. 

Skirt – As soon as I saw this skirt I knew I had to add it to my look. It have a beautiful spring color and a texture that’s unique. Plus the pleated body and bow on the waist band add a bit of feminine flair. 

Necklace – Adding to that feminine feel I decided that a good addition to this outfit was some pearls. Because of the big bow around the waist I went with a delicate single strand. 

Clutch – I will never be a purse person, something I mentioned in my Pizza Shirt Outfit Guide but clutches are something that I can handle. This black Michael Kors one with gold accents is simple and functional. 

Shoes – To finish off the almost all black look of course I had to add heels. Since it’s finally spring they have a peep toe, and the Mary Jane style just because I think it’s cute. 


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