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Review: Soap.Club Lavender Lull Soap


I’m a big fan of different soaps, especially soaps that are made in a more traditional way, like the lemongrass soapbox soap. I even took a class on how to make such soaps, although for now it’s a bit out of my league. So when the people over at Soap.Club offered to send me one of their soaps to try out, of course I said yes, because if it were up to me I wouldn’t be using any other soaps. 

Alright so here’s how it works to order. First go to Soap.Club from there you have two options, either do their monthly soap club, which seems super cool or just order what you want. They have full sets as well as individual products, and just looking around I was pretty tempted to pull out my credit card. The soap that I got came packaged in thin cardboard box.

Verdict: When I first got the soap out I was impressed with how pretty the purple and cream looked together and the logo didn’t look bad at all. The lavender scent was quite strong and I was surprised that it actually made me drowsy, which gave me the perfect idea. Since I shower at night I use this Lavender Lull Soap (which suds well) and I find that it does help me relax before bed. 


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