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Review: Cheering CowBell


As a promotional model I get to attend a lot of different events. Most of the time these are trade shows and concert type of events, but some times I’m lucky enough to get to attend (and paid to work at!) sporting events. One thing that I’ve always noticed is how much fun the crowds have. And since I live in Indiana I’ve often heard someone ringing a cowbell which of course makes me smile. So when the people at Stewart Trading LLC offered to send me a cow bell to review of course I said yes. 

Alright so this is a product from Amazon, meaning free shipping if you have prime, as I do, easy returns and payments for everyone. It comes quickly and very well packaged. Inside the amazon shipping box is another box, just plain cardboard that the cow bell is in. Inside that box, it’s all wrapped up and has the bell piece protected.

Verdict: When I first saw the cowbell I was impressed with how pretty it is. They have custom colors, which is perfect for matching your favorite sports team. The handle is easy to hold and let me say this guy is loud. It’s also a good addition for a gag gift, birthday parties or races, something I’m working this weekend. 

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