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How to Rock the Fringe Trend

Top / Pants / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes 

Last week I talked about working culottes a hard to wear spring trend and since that was so popular I decided I could keep up with the fashion advice and style another spring look fringe. Outside of the whole Bohemian Outfit or Music Festival, it’s something that can be a little hard to wear. For most of you this should be something you can wear to class, and is always just a cut running around outfit. 

  • Fringe Shirt – I’ve mostly seen the fringe trend on purses and shoes, but because I like to have more timeless pieces in those areas, I tend to gravitate towards more trendy tops. This black crop top with fringe that goes all the way to the pants is cute and carefree without showing a lot of skin.
  • Jeans – Of course since this look is young and fun I had to add an acid wash destroy pair of jeans. I love the cuffed legs and skinny fit too. 
  • Sunglasses – Until the day that I’m turned into cat woman I guess I’ll have to stick to cat themed items like these vintage looking cat eye sunglasses. The rose tinted lenses soften the look, while the black frame keeps with the color scheme. 
  • Bag – This purse is exactly what I meant by timeless. It’s simple chic, and can be used in so many outfits that it’s a very necessary staple. The cross body cut is easy to carry around and the black color makes it super durable. 
  • Shoes – Awhile back I did a whole outfit posts on How to Wear Toms, and although my style has changed quite drastically they still have a place in my closet. In this look they’re laid back and casual without being sneakers. 

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