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How to Wear All Denim, Spring Style

Tank / Jeans / Jacket / Bag / Shoes

I’m back with yet another spring trend, this time the all over denim look. This is my third and (maybe) final look inspired by Spring 2015 Fashion Trends, the first being about wearing Culottes and the other on How to Style Fringe. Although most of the denim I’ve seen has a sort of country twang I decided to go with a more grudge style and avoid anything too reminiscent of the nineties, think Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake. 

  • Tank – I debated if I should go with a crop top, a lace corset or bustier, among a few options. I ended up though with a short wife beater.
  • Jeans – This is exactly what I was talking about when I said I wanted to avoid a 90’s throw back. To do that I went with a black pair of jeans (that way the look would still be all denim), specifically with a pair that had ripped out knees. 
  • Jacket – The center piece of this outfit, the denim jacket. Acid wash is my particular favorite for denim outerwear. Although the jacket does have snaps, it’s meant to be unbuttoned, especially with the black top underneath. You can also check out my How to Wear a Denim Jacket Outfit for more denim jacket outfit ideas
  •  Bag – Hello Michael Kors. I’ve be absolutely loving this designer’s “grown up” bags lately. This black one is super simple with top handles and a crossbody strap. Since this is a spring outfit I went with gold accents. 
  • Shoes – To match the bag’s gold accents I picked a pair of booties that had a gold zipper. I also love that they are perforated, making them a bit better for warm weather. 

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