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Review: Doggy Dom’s Safe D-Lite lighted dog leash


Even though I’ve sort of stopped those Fitness Friday posts  I’m still working on exercising and being healthier in general. I normally like to go for a run, but I also like to go on walks with my dog Checkers  and my mother. Since it’s getting warmer going on these walks during the day isn’t too much fun, so we tend to go later at night or earlier in the morning. This is great for cool weather, but not so great for safety because it’s dark.

So when the people at Luxical offered to send me their Doggy Dom’s Safe D-Lite lighted dog leash of course I said yes. It’s available via Amazon and only costs $11. Plus since it’s at the Amazon warehouse you can get free two day shipping if you have prime. It came in the normal amazon shipping and didn’t have any damage on it.

I was impressed with how bright of a pink color the leash was (there are many different colors to pick from but since Checkers is a girl she got neon pink). Once it got dark though I decided to press the little button to light it up. It has three different settings, two flashing and one steady light. 

Verdict: Although the light is stronger at the handle than closer to the dog it’s still quite bright. Turning the light on and off is easy, just a press of a button and even without the light on the leash color is bright and easy to see. It’s sturdy too so no worries about it breaking. 

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