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Review: Pom Green Clay and Tea Mask


I absolutely love using skin care products, especially masks, something I might have mentioned once or twice. I’ve tried quite a few different ones, mostly Dead Sea Masks and Volcanic Mud Masks so when I was offered the Pom Green Clay and Tea Mask I was quite interested. Especially since I had a green tea Konjac sponge awhile back and loved it.

Like many of the beauty products that I’m lucky enough to get to review this mask came to me through amazon. It is shipped directly form their warehouse which is super nice for so many reasons, but I won’t bore you with them today. Inside the shipping box it has a basic little cardboard packing with the POM logo and sticker on the front. The tub is a dark brown plastic with a white twist of lid and white label. It is on the small size for a mask at 3 oz.

To use first have a clean face. Then apply directly. I found this mask to be the best smelling that I’ve tried, probably thanks to the green tea (it smells a bit like Matcha) and it was irritating at all.

It was a bit drying when it was on but as soon as I washed the green clay and tea mask off my skin actually felt quite moisturized. It was easier than other masks I’ve tried to wash off, and since it has the green color I don’t think I need to worry too much about color deposit. So I am going to be using this Pom product again. 


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