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Cool Things for Your Cell Phone



Lately I’ve been getting a variety of cool phone accessories, and since last time I shared with you guys what the best iPhone 6 cases are which was pretty popular, I figured I could do a similar technology post but broader the products I’m talking about. I’ve tried out each of these things and put togethermini reviews of each one so you could see the benefits, and maybe a few not so cool things about each product. 

1. Silicone Devices Ear Phones – I have to say that I’ve never seen anything like these. I’ve previously tried out Coosh Bluetooth headphones but they were huge and meant more for relaxing. These silicone ear phones are much less bulky. I love the little storage case, and green color, although I do wish they’d done without the string between the two earbuds, it looks a bit odd because it’s so short. 

2. Galaxy S6 Armor Case – Previously I’ve had a similar mobile phone case to this one, and I can’t recommend more highly getting a textured case. Not only does it protect your phone from falls but it helps prevent them by making the phone easier to hang on to. 

3. FSL Zinc Zn30i Earbuds – Just judging on looks these headphones are cool. However they’re also quite functional. They have an attached microphone, and controls where you can reach as well as good sound quality. 

4.  Fashion Cat Case – I don’t think it takes much scoping around to realize how much I love cats, so of course I was excited to receive this phone cover. It isn’t much for protect but it is unique and fun. 

5. Car Charger – As someone with a long commute to and from school a car charger can be a necessity. I love that this one has a usb connection so it’ll work on a variety of phones. 


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