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Review: Greenwald’s Cleaners


I know it’s not spring anymore but since I have a bit of a break from my classes I feel like I’m getting in on a little extreme cleaning. I’ve cleaned out my closet and changed out my hangers (more on that soon) as well as my drawers and such for things to sell in an upcoming garage sell I’m having. Along with all the moving out of things, I’ve been trying do do some overall cleaning that way I have I can be completely set when I go to school. One thing I’ve noticed that I’m not all that happy with the cleaners that I’ve been using.

Of course this meant that I was super excited to try out a few of of the Greenwald’s products. Just from looking at their listing they seemed different than your typical store cleaners. For one they have reusable bottles (environmentally friendly), that look nice, they’re cheaper than your average cleaner. 

Citrus All Purpose Cleaner – I’m a huge fan of anything citrus scented as I’ve mentioned in a few of my beauty reviews (like Secret Stress Response) so as soon as I filled I could smell it. It’s a great cleaner for almost everything and does a good job. 

Carpet & Fabric Stain Remover – I’m glad that I don’t have a ton of carpet in my house because it can be quite a mess. That mess of course needs to be cleaned up so using Greenwald’s is a great solution. I might even consider a fancy rug over my hardwood floors because I know I’ll be able to keep it clean. 

Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner – It’s amazing how many different things in my house are glass, from the shower door to the windows and mirrors, and even some of the tiles in the bathroom. So having something that cleans well, and I don’t have to worry about running out is great. 

Verdict: I’ve very happy with my set of Greenwald’s Cleaners. They all are very good at cleaning, better than what I’ve been using and I love that they have packets. Not only is this better for the environment but it’s so much easier to store. 


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