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How to Rock the Biker Trend

Jacket / Jeans / Tank / Backpack / Shoes 

As much as I complained about the winter and how cold it was (remember outfits What to Wear to School in the Winter?) I’m not sure that I’m ready for the warm weather that’s already here. I’m still wearing long pants and thick shirts which I know I’m not going to be able to keep doing for long. So I figured it was now or never (well there would always be next year) for my white leather biker outfit. I  love the hard edgy feel of a traditional biker outfit but I wanted to lighten it up a bit, for those of us (ahm me…) that have trouble pulling off the full trend. 

  • Jacket – The main piece of this outfit is of course this biker jacket. Of course these are traditionally leather, but there are so many vegan options that you can stylishly go with pleather. The white color is a good contrast to the rest of the outfit and the asymmetrical cut makes it interesting. 
  • Jeans – If you’ve seen just about any of my Outfit Guides (like the R&B style ones) you can easily see that I love skinny jeans. They not only slim you but make your legs look longer, and with the black color the affects are doubled.
  • Tank – Of course you’re going to want something under your fake leather jacket but since it is quite tight you won’t want a top that’s bulky. I went with an almost sheer tank that’s soft and sweet, a nice juxtaposition from the jacket. 
  • Backpack – I’m still in school so for me a backpack is way more valuable than any purse for every day wear. This bag is made fun with clunky hardware and a simple design. 
  • Shoes – Of course I had to add in the biker shoes, which might just be my favorite piece of the biker, edgy trend. I love that they’re tall, lace up and a little masculine. 

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