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Outfit: Chooka Rain Boots & Maintenance Gardening

 Top (similar) / Jeans / Boots c/o Chooka

Just yesterday I complained about the warm weather in my Biker Inspired Outfit and now even though it’s almost June the weather seems to have reverted back to early spring. It’s cool and rainy with grey skies so I figured it was the perfect time to pull on my new Chooka rain boots and do some long overdue maintenance gardening. Oh! And if you’re wondering that white hair of mine is about two weeks old. I did some modeling for a hair show and that’s what they did to me. I’ll be sure to share all the details soon, but back to my outfit.

Top – I’ve had this top for a few years now (couldn’t find it in stores but found a cute similar one) and I love it. Since it has buttons I can wear it open or closed and the sheer light green color is so feminine. I tend to wear my hair up with it, because of the strong collar. 

Jeans – These jeans aren’t what I’d normally wear with this outfit but, because I was going shopping for gardening supplies and then gardening I thought that I should go for something more comfortable. With their skinny cut and dark color they aren’t too bad on style though. 

Boots – Can we just take a moment to appreciate these guys? When Chooka gave me the opportunity to test out one of their products I made a beeline for these boots. The watercolor print is gorgeous as are the small details but when I put them on I fell in love. They’re lightweight and super comfortable, very different than any other rain boots I’ve tried on, yet their still quite durable. 


 Now for my gardening stuff. We have a few citrus trees at our house and since we live in Indiana that means they’re outside in the summer and inside in the fall so the have to have lightweight pots. Moving this orange plant to a bigger pot has been on the list for awhile now because whenever there is a strong wind it gets blown over. As you can see by the photo above it’s home for the past few days was between two chairs so that wouldn’t happen.  The steps were quite simple, add rocks and stuff for drainage at the bottom of a pot the put a liner so the roots wouldn’t go past it, add some dirt and then put in the tree. For this part I had my mother help me that way I could get the tree in without damaging it further (yes she’s wearing crocs, but only for “garden shoes” as she says), then more dirt and some water and we were good to go. 


The rest of the stuff that I bought today was for the front porch which is a big work in progress. Two hanging pots and then two other flower pots on the side. I’m working on making new cushions for the bench as well as cushions for a wooden bench that we inherited, which needs something to help tie it in. I’ve been debating about a porch swing and a metal railing but those are pretty far down the list right now. Oh! And this isn’t pictured but I found a storage container for my expanding hose that looks quite nice, while I was at the store and got that all set up. 


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