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What to Wear for an Outdoor Event this Summer

Top (similar) / Shorts / Sunglasses / Bag / Shoes

The weather is getting warm, and school is out (unless your name is Hanna) which means plenty of free time and lots of fun outdoor activities to do. Lately I’ve had the opportunity to go to a few different such events, as a promotional model, and check out the latest in street style. I decided to put together a look inspired by the girls I’ve seen but in a bit more conservative manner, with some practical tips. 

  • Top – My crop top game has grown since first doing my How to Wear a Crop Top post  and whenever I wear something with a higher waistline I always grab one. This particular crop top is white (so the sun won’t be so hot) and has a cute print to add personality. 
  • Shorts – The biggest street style trend I’ve seen this summer is high waisted shorts, the were around last summer (I even did a High Waisted Shorts Guide) but nothing compared to now. They’re comfortable, cute and very forgiving so it’s no wonder. A warning though is make sure they completely cover your butt…
  • Sunglasses – Aging eyes and fine lines around them aren’t cute, so wearing sunglasses, for me anyways, is a must. I love unisex pairs like these aviators, and the bit of a feminine tough thanks to the gold hardware. 
  • Bag – Carrying a bag is a necessity at an outdoor event, at the very least for some sunscreen, money and your ID, and to be honest you shouldn’t be taking much more than that. That’s why I added this small cross body and because it matches the shoes.
  • Shoes – Lately I’ve had a thing for heels, however with an outdoor event, which more often than not means lots of walking, it just isn’t practical. These strappy wedge shoes are a good compromise between comfort and height along with looking cute. 

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