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Fashionable Cases + Accessories for your Phone

As a modern female I love my mobile phone. Not only does it allow me to talk and text my friends/family, give me security and a constance source of of entertainment, but it’s also become a necessity for both school and my business. This of course means I’m never without it. So I figured I could do a little blog post (with mini reviews) about fashionable products as the more feminine compliment to the Cool Things for your Cell Phone blog post. 
 Combination Purse & Phone Case
Innovative Design Bag – The white bag at the top, is a true purse. It has a gold tone front closure and two inner pockets. One for your phone and one for all your other stuff. To carry it it also has two different straps a wristlet and cross body one. Loving the quilted outside and soft inside. 
ALLreLi Technology Wallet Case – This is the man’s style case. It’s a simple matte black with a magnetic closure, and a camera port. Inside has brown accents, two places for credit cards and a place for cash. 
True Color Wristlet – This case is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. It has a quilted outside, similar to a Kate Spade product, a magnetic closure and a simple cold chain for holding it. The inside is gold, has three places for credit cards and the underside for cash. This is perfect for someone who loves going clubbing, or can be used for a black tie outfit. 
Fun iPhone Cases
G Case – First of all I love the fuchsia color of this case, it it doesn’t just look pretty. The grey side inserts are made to help you keep hold of your phone and that back piece is a kick stand, perfect for watching videos. 
Case4Fun – If you’re just looking for something to protect your phone from scratches this gel case is perfect. It’s lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Plus the added wristlet strap can be handy.
Be Pure Case – If you’re someone who’s looking for a sleek modern way to protect your phone I’ve found it. This Be Pure case is black with silver sides. The inside is slightly padded. It also comes with a screen protector, and looks oh so chic and very unisex.  

 Mobile Esprit Charging Cable – I never would have thought that I need a light up charging cable for my iPhone but of course I love the three I was given. Each one is brightly colored and completely compatible with my phone. 

 Clear Phone Cases 
If you’re someone that doesn’t like all the fuss of a colored case, or maybe you think your phone’s natural color is quite pretty you don’t really want a case. However you’re afraid of damaging your phone (they can be expensive) or getting it dirty, the solution is here. Simple clear cases. They’re available in soft and hard and for all types of phones. 

Cellery Selfie Stick – As a technology blogger I’ve seen quite a few different selfie sticks, however this is the most high quality I’ve seen. It folds down to a very small size, makes your phone completely stable and easily connects to your phone. Plus a carrying case to keep it from getting damaged. 


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