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9 Products I’m using for the Home + Reviews


It seems like I’m quickly becoming quite the domestic lady. I used to have an aspiration of being a housewife, but the longer I’m around I don’t think that’s going to be a possibility. Of course I can always hope that once I finish school I can do such a thing. But I’m getting a little off topic. I wanted to share with you guys a few products I’ve  been using lately. 

1.  SimpleOne Soap Dispenser – One of the messiest things in my bathrooms and the kitchen is the sink. There always seems to be residue from soap, so when SimpleOne offered to send me their automatic soap dispenser I immediately said yes. It’s easy to set up and refill, plus it looks so chic. 

2. Track Organizer – Keeping brooms, and mops organized is actually quite a pain. This track organizer is an easy to instal and holds handled products super well. 

3.  Microfiber Wash Mitt – I love my car. We’ve been through a lot together, and it’s stood up for me through my practice times at driving, through bad weather on the way to school and see friends. So of course I want to treat it nicely and these wash mitts are a great way to gently clean your car. They’re so soft.

4. Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster – Cleaning isn’t my favorite domestic activity, but I have to say that this estilo ceiling fan duster is quite helpful. It helps me to not only dust ceiling fans but also the vents in the ceiling. 

5.  MySonder Furniture Sliders – If you remember that fancy chest I made  I’m now using sliders under it. Since I have wood floor it’s a bit of a life saver. I can easily move my chest (since it is my desk now) without worry and without help. 

6. Mirror on a Rope – Something I know that’s trouble for men is shaving in the shower. It’s a great idea but you just can’t see anything. This mirror helps with that, and if you use masks like I do, Barefaced Mud Mask is my favorite right now, it can help make sure you’ve washed it all off. 

7. Herbal Air – One of the biggest things you can change to make your home better quickly is make it smell good. This Herbal Air is a natural odor eliminator that works. 

8.  Super Magix Paper Towels – Paper towels are one of those things that aren’t interchangeable, so you want something good. These Super Magix towels are just that. They’re super absorbent, two ply eco friendly. Plus very durable. 

9.  Swift ‘n Snug Tape Dispenser – If there’s one thing my “mini office” was missing it was a tape dispenser. Until you don’t have one you don’t know how often you use it. This Swift ‘n Snug Version is simple and works well. No snagging or sticking. 

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