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Herff Jones Graduation Shoot


 No… I haven’t actually graduated college (my prison sentence won’t expire for what feels like a decade) but rather I was a model for Herff Jones a few weeks back.  They’re a company that makes all kinds of graduation related products, from tassels and gowns to class rings, and even invitations. I figured a selfie, try to ignore the facial expression, was a good way to start the post. I mean eventual I hope I’m getting to wear it for real. 


I was originally contacted about this shoot two months prior to the date that it was going to be, which in the modeling world (or at least mine anyways) is a long time. Luckily I already had my summer class schedule and one of their time slots fit perfectly so I sent in my pictures and was picked. About a week before the event a received a detailed email with everything from time and place to what I should wear. On the list was

  • A graduation dress (I used my BCBG white summer dress)
  • Casual Clothes 
  • Two pairs of shoes, heels and tennis shoes
The time unfortunately had changed slightly, making it an hour earlier than when I was cast (now 12:00) which was before my Chemistry class ends (12:15). Luckily they were flexible and the Marian University campus wasn’t too far. 

As soon as I arrived (they did know I’d be late) I signed the release and was rushed over to wardrobe. They had previously (based on my submitted measurements) picked out my gown so I just had to double check that it fit, and then pick tassels I wanted. After that I went to the makeup chair. Well actual hair and makeup. One woman did hair my hair while the other did my makeup and I have to say I was quite impressed, which is why I took so many pictures.


After a bit of waiting, since there are different sets going on at the same time, I went outside in my cap and gown with two other models, one guy and one girl and we did some short videos and lots of funny shots. Then back inside for a bit before going outside for what seemed like forever with the whole group of models (maybe 10 people?) doing lots of shots. It was a bit boring, the more people there are the less you can move in-between frames,  until we did the jumping shots which were absolutely terrible. 

Not even exaggerating I think we did the twenty shots of that, jumping that many times is bad enough during normal life but with high heels on it starts to hurt very quickly. Afterwards we broke up the group some people going back inside and some (me) walking to another part of campus for more photos. By the time I got back my feet were swollen and I had two blisters, one on each foot. 


If you didn’t want to see a picture of my feet, I’m sorry, but not really because I think it’s a good way to share the pain I was in. Luckily I did have some time without my shoes (probably shouldn’t have worn my studded heels no matter how cute they are) before doing indoor shots. 

For the indoor ones I got my doctorate, and got to wear the fancy velvet robe and collar piece that’s quite suffocating. I had requested a medical or at least STEM doctorate, but I ended up with a philosophy degree, which means I’ll have to wait for someone to die before I can have a job. At least I could be Dr. Hanna.


From there I had a big break before my last set so of course I took the opportunity to selfie with a bunch of graduation rings on my hand. Much better than being taunted by all the Herff Jones provided snacks that I couldn’t eat thanks to my pretty lipstick. 

Then a selfie in the Marion University’s bathroom which was quite nice. I know I shouldn’t have been barefoot in the bathroom but the area was closed for the shoot, and I promise it was super clean. This was my casual wear, that I almost got away with. You see I was trying to sneak in my friend’s band shirt, but right before we started filming the video (for graduation rings) they realized that the shirt hd a logo and I was forced to change. 

Then I was let out a little less than an hour earlier. Before leaving I got my payment (one of the few times I’ve gotten paid onsite) and grabbed a sandwich. I was so hungry since I’d skipped lunch rushing to get to the university that I ate the whole thing in about two bites. Then I drove back to school. 


Once at school I checked my email and saw that I had an opportunity to go to a casting downtown, but it was in an hour. So I quickly went to the bathroom got a paper towel, put water on and and tried to wipe the makeup off my face…. Obviously I’m not a big makeup user because I should have seen this coming but I ended up with a whole lot of black on my face. I spent the next half an hour trying to scrub it off before going to a casting (which I booked, but more on that later). 


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