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How to Look Elegant in a Shift Dress

Dress / Clutch / Shoes (similar!)

Black tie summer events are so much fun to go to. There’s music, dancing and of course great food. One thing that is a little daunting is the dress code, and between worrying about what you’re going to wear and then feeling like you’ve picked the wrong thing once your there can really ruin the whole event for yourself. As requested I put together a very simple, but chic look for one of these dress code activities. As this look is more conservative and timeless, bright bold makeup might be a great addition. 

  • Dress – As someone who owns a few shift dresses, I’m always more than happy to pull one out when the occasion calls for it. They’re neutral, comfortable, and always make me feel a bit like Audrey Hepburn. Not to be confused with a sheath dress. 
  • Clutch – With all this black going on, it’s always a good idea to add a bit of excitement to an outfit. I decided to do that through this red embroidered clutch, because there’s nothing that would make me feel more out of place then a clunky handbag. 
  • Shoes – I added these shoes as a little homage to my guide on wearing gladiator heels. They’re the elegant version, plus with their all black color and red soles they match perfectly. I did like above a more budget version, that’s almost as cute.  

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