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Kitchen Products Reviews


 Kitzen Pot Holders – I have to say these are one of the most innovative kitchenware designs I’ve seen. These are pot holders, but not like any others that I’ve seen. You put your hands in the middle and use them to pick things up. They do well with heat, and are so much easier to wear than the traditional kind. 

Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set – Gone are the days of metal cooking utensils. No more ugly burnt broken spots. This has been replaced with silicone, which is easy to clean, nonstick and hypoallergenic. The red color is pretty cool too and I love the top closure design. 

 Polishing Cloth – Until recently I didn’t realize stainless steel was something that needed to be cleaned. It’s called stainless right? I started noticing little spots on it though, and luckily Pro Chef Kitchen Tools was there to help. This cloth is easy to use (and reuse) and makes my stainless steel look like new. 

Cast Iron Cleaner – One thing I knew needed clean was my cast iron pot. It gets weird residue in the bottom (also known as burnt food) and this chain mail like  cleaner gets it right off. 

Multipurpose Round Pot Holder – As soon as I saw these pot holders I thought they were pretty cool. They come in fun colors and are a good size to store. However that’s not all these silicone tools are used for. I’ve used them many times for opening jars and setting hot plates on. 

 Kitchen Zest Measuring Spoons – For all the baking and regular cooking I do I’m always in need of measuring tools, however it seems I’m always loosing them. I love that these have a ring that attaches them so I don’t have to worry about that. Plus with their stainless steel and silicone material they look very modern and chic. 


 Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener – I’m literally the worst at opening cans. When I use a traditional can opener I always open them from the top, making a dangerous rough edge, and half the time don’t go all the way around so their still attached. This Bartelli product easily opens the can without an edge and looks really cool doing it. 


 Hanging Hooks for Kitchen – I’m all about decoration. I’ve done a blog post on my room organization , and I would love to redecorate my whole kitchen. One step towards this is are these very cool stainless steel s hooks from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools. They’re simple but great for multiple purposes like hanging pots. 


Garlic and Ginger Press – In the past I’ve worked a lot with garlic and ginger, on things like my easy vegetable tofu sticky rice, and have always done the pressing the hard way. This tiny tool is fast to use and doesn’t require the strength a normal press does. 

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