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Fitness Friday: Products I’m Loving


 The weather is warm and it feels like summer is almost here, which means all kinds of things like miniskirts, shorts (high waisted shorts are super in), and of course the often dreaded bathing suit. If you’re like me and didn’t work out as much as you should have in the colder months right now can be a bit of a scramble. In the mad rush I decided that I could share some of the products I’ve been using as well as mini reviews about them. 


1 & 3  Slim Gym Wrist and Ankle Wraps – Weight lifting is a sure fire way to get nice looking arms and legs. As a small female, I didn’t start out all that great and it’s easy to get injured. So when I found out about the slim guy wrist and ankle wraps of course I had to try them out. They’re your basic, inexpensive pair but they work great. 

2. Steel Sweat Wrist Wraps – A bit on the higher end is this Steel Sweat Wrist Wrap set. They are a little bit more durable and absorb moisture well. Plus they do just as good of a job of protecting you from injury. 

4.  Respiro Active Belt – Running belts seem like the newest and hottest of accessories. This belt is easy to wear and it looks great. I can easily put my keys and phone in the belt and don’t have to worry about carrying. A great compliment to my Bluetooth Headphones. 
5. AZSPORT Waist Trainer – The secret to a slim waist is corsets, but for someone like me that’s just a bit extreme. So this Azsport waist trainer is perfect for me because it’s a more mild version. It’s easy to put on, although not as easy to take off, and is comfortable to wear. 

RockNRoller – Going to the gym is the number one thing.  There are a huge number of things you can do there. Machines, weight lifting and even swimming at some. However there isn’t always time, or maybe you don’t want to pay for a gym membership. With this foam roller ball I can do a lot of different exercises in my home, with ease.  


 1.  Citrus Zinger Sport – Drinking enough water is something I really need to work on. It’s good for a whole lot of reasons, from overall health to stamina and even preventing wrinkles. This sports water bottle is not only cute but has a piece in the bottom so you can add citrus to your drink. 

2. Yoga Socks – These Halo Sport yoga socks are fantastic! They have bubbles on the bottom for traction, which makes doing yoga easy. Plus they’re comfortable to wear about and kind of cute. 

3.  Neo Towels – Going to the gym is a lot of fun. However showering at the gym, not so much. Something that makes it a bit easier is the Neo Towel. They have lots of fun colors and along with being easy to carry around are super absorbent. 

1.  Support Sleeve – As soon as these came in I loved them. First of all it’s the first pack that I’ve seen to offer a set instead of just one knee sleeve. The pattern is super cute, and wearing them is quite comfortable. 

2. Dr. Frederick’s Original Donut Cushion – Injuries do happen and one of the most common places is on the tail bone. This is easy to blow up, coming with a hand pump and very comfortable to use. Then when you’re done you can deflate it with no problem. 

3.  AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape – Using tapes like this is great for multiple purposes. I love the bright blue color and it’s very sticky and durable. I didn’t have any trouble getting it off though or any residue issues. 

4.  Simple Knee Brace – This is what I like to call the serious version. It’s self-heating and offers full support. Plus in a mute black color it’s perfect for anyone. I found the smaller size to fit me perfectly. 


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