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Review: Purelygreat Cream Deodorant


I love summer because of all the cute warm weather outfits that I can wear, but unfortunately there are some downsides to go with the many good things in the summer. The biggest is of course something no one wants to talk about, sweat. It’s gross, and smelly and I think like many people I would love if it just didn’t exist. So when the people over at Purely Great offered to send me their unscented cream deodorant to review.

It comes in a small dark blue glass jar with a white plastic twist off lid. Around the middle is a green label with white lettering telling the Purely Great name and that this is an unscented cream deodorant.  It clearly says to stir well before using and that this a natural product.

Verdict: When you open this it’s going to have a white liquid on top. When I opened it some of the liquid spilled out, so that’s something to be careful about. After stirring and applying I figured I could try it out on a 90 degree day, and I have to say I’m impressed. I didn’t have any issues with snell all day. Plus unlike traditional deodorant (I’m talking to you Secret Clinical Strength) I didn’t have weird residue. 

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