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App Review: Battle Camp


 A few weeks ago while sitting in chemistry class (completely bored of course) my friend decided to look at the Apple Application store for a game to play. Of course I should have been taking notes or something but I decided to join in on the search for a new game and along with some guy that was sitting in back of us we decided to make it a group think activity. After about ten minutes of searching we ended up at Battle Camp which we heard was a cross between candy crush and Pokemon. 


 The game is quite addictive so after loyally playing, I’ve gotten some pretty strong monsters. There are multiple ways of doing this. First is a little forethought in picking your team, you want to go with more rare monsters as opposed to common or uncommon ones, and if you get the chance (although it is expensive in monsters and stones to do), after that you can train them via battles and get experience points (this takes a lot of time) or the easiest spend stones and eat other monsters to take their experience and level up. 


 And now for a screen shot of my favorite monster, you can change their names pretty easily, but since I’m terrible with names I just left it the way it was. You can see the attack values, Hit Points,  and something called RCV. There’s something for their sign and in this picture you can see how feeding monsters works. At the top you can see my level, the energy I have, the stones, and then the coins which is like gems in Clash of Clans. 


 This part is a bit like Pokemon. You go from area to area, completing missions and battling local monsters until the camp counselor is willing to battle you. After that is done you get your badge and can move on the next place. There are also monsters you can battle ever 12 hours that give you different gifts for your win based on how hard of a battle you choose. Even at my level I’m still on easy so they are quite hard. 


 Here’s what the battles look like. This is against a wild monster but they all look the same regardless. You can see all of the monsters you’re fighting against as well as their health bars. Although they have individual health bars, your health bars are cumulative so there’s a bit of an advantage.  This part is the whole Candy Crush part because your attack strength is based on your matches (along with your monsters’ levels).  Below is what you could get from winning a battle against a monster. 


 Now for the issues. The biggest issue is how often I’m bombarded with things to buy. There are boxes every so often and some of them you can get by watching a video but the others are only for pay. These aren’t a big deal, because if you aren’t interested just don’t click them. Then, probably twice per time I have the game open they have these pop ups telling me to buy something. Whenever I say no it always does the whole “are you sure!?” thing. The worst though is whenever you loose a battle 5 seconds before its over they pull a whole “resurrect for x tokens” and won’t let you exit out. I mean I get that this game has to make a profit some how but it’s annoying. I mean I don’t mind the spin stuff to win cool monsters, and I feel like that pulls in plenty without me accidentally clicking stuff I don’t want. 

Annoying things aside, I do like this game, and it’s very addictive. Like Game of War. 


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