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State of the Garden June 2015


Just wanted to share a little bit about my garden with you guys. I’ve been working hard on it all spring, and I’m just now starting to see some of the vegetables getting ripe. From the top are some peppers in a bed that I made last year. They aren’t doing all that great, and I found out that might have something to do that they’re next to tomatoes, so next year they’ll have a new home. 
After that a picture of some of the green tomatoes I have. I’ve been wanting fresh tomatoes so bad lately that I can’t wait for these to get ripe. After that are two pictures of fruit trees in my yard, apples and nectarines. They won’t get too big and a few will be ruined by bugs (last year it wasn’t a big deal at all) because we don’t use any sort of sprays. 
In the front of my house are herbs. I’m not big on having anything but decorative plants in the front but they need a home, and of course I love having these fresh. On the side yard is a gooseberry bush, they has now had three ripe berries. A long way from what I need for my pie. 
Below that photo is a citrus tree on my back porch. I talked about moving up everyone’s pot, when I was wearing floral rain boots. There is also a potted (big square pot) cucumber plant. In the back garden there are strawberries and mint. The mint isn’t nearly as strong as I’d like for tea so I’m thinking for next year it’s just going to be pulled up.  The last photo is of the sunflower plants that we use for my sister.
So far I’m quite happy with the garden and hope that I don’t end up with something like the drought from a ways back
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