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On Derek Warburton’s Summer Hot List


 You might remember a few months ago (it feels so much longer than that) I was on Indy Style for Spring Trends with Derek Warburton, and had a lot of fun. So when he asked me to be on for his Summer Hot List, of course I said yes. I showed up 20 minutes early, which was about the same time Derek and the male model (imported from another city) came in. The other female model, Kia, was already there getting ready. I sort of took over someone’s dressing room (probably the owner of those mens’ shirts) and finished my hair and touched up my makeup. 


 Accidental picture, but I’m sharing it because its funny. Less embarrassing than the fact that I got lost on the way to the bathroom after being given directions. 


Derrick put me in a boyfriend jeans, heels and a short sleeve trench coat, and various jewelry pieces. As soon as I saw the pieces (even before I had them on) I was in love. I’ve always had trouble styling boyfriend jeans, and he did it flawlessly. Plus that fringe bag! I guess that’s why Derek is the expert.  You can see the whole video HERE.

*After seeing these pictures I think I’m going to have to step up my makeup game.


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