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How to Look Cute on a Run

Sports Bra / Pants / Hoodie / Belt / Shoes

It’s almost #fitnessfriday so I figured I could making today’s guide for running, or all around exercising while looking cute. In the past I’ve done a Neon Workout Outfit but this time around I was going for a look that’s inspired by a workout date. You know the kind, where you want to look good to impress someone, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard to be “hot”.

  • Sports Bra – Up until recently finding a cute sports bra that provides support has been impossible. That isn’t the case anymore and I think multicolored striped version is especially fun. Plus it has full coverage which is nice for someone on the more modest side. 
  • Pants – Yoga pants are a bit of a staple in my life. I wear them on lazy days at school (I probably shouldn’t admit that) and just hanging out around the house as well as working out. This pair is just plain black with a high waist. 
  • Hoodie – To go with such a pretty sports bra, I paired a light green sweatshirt. It has a zipper front which I find to be much more convenient and the having a hoodied sweatshirt is absolutely necessary for jogging in the rain. 
  • Belt – A running belt might seem like a bit of an odd thing but once you start using them you won’t be able to go back. It’s the perfect way to safely store things like your phone and keys. You can find a ton of different colors so styling with your look is easy. 
  • Shoes – I love brightly colored running shoes, and this Nike pair is no exception. I actually had them in a Fitness Friday Favorites post awhile back. They’re mesh, so stinky feet won’t be as likely and they’re lightweight.

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