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Fitness Friday: 10 Favorite Products for Biking


As you guys might be able to tell from my latest outfit post for the 4th of July I still have a ways to go before I’m going reach my fitness goals (I’m one of THOSE  bloggers that don’t photoshop images) I’ve made a good start towards eating healthier and exercising. Along with running one of my favorite  activities for a good workout is cycling. Of course there are many ways to do this but my preference is on trails in a nearby (sort of nearby) state park. So I decided I could share with you guys a few of my favorite products for biking. 

  • Aquafree Backpack – Unless you’re going for a casual bike ride you’re going to need something to carry all of your stuff. This backpack is great for many reasons. First of all it has a waist strap as well as the normal shoulder straps so it’s easier to carry. Best of all though it’s waterproof so no worries about the rain. 
  • Weight Gurus Digital Scale – Not exactly for cycling but I wanted to add this in because it’s so cool. This scale has a large LED display and a sleek design. Best of all though is that you can track progress on your smartphone. 
  • Pillow Ease Neck Pillow – Getting a stiff neck after a full day of exercise is a common occurrence for me. As soon as I tried out this Pillow Ease product, I was in love. Its so soft and comfortable I’m going to be using it a whole lot. 
  • ASCpro GoPro Pole – All over the internet lately I’ve seen cool videos of people mountain biking from their perspective. The way to do this is with a go pro. This ASCpro Pole makes that possible in the form of a study durable product. 
  • Gel Insoles – Along with a sore neck, after hours of pedaling my feet start to feel the pain. The best way I’ve found to prevent this is by wearing inserts in my shoes. I’m especially loving these gel ones. 
  • Alaska Bear Lock – Campgrounds are a lot of fun, and a great place to stay on a bike trail, but they do have their downfalls. You can have a little easier of a time with a combination lock to keep your stuff safe. I’m personally loving this Alaska Bear one because it’s TSA approved so I can use it on flights too. 
  • Cycle Torch – If  you’re like me the best times to go for a ride are right before dawn and at dusk. This can be a bit dangerous, so I was super excited when I was sent the Cycle Torch. It has three very bright light settings and attaches easily to become your headlight. 
  • StupidBright Tail Lights – For any rider tail lights are a must. These red led lights are extremely bright, and easy to spot. They’re durable too so you can use them on road and off. 
  • Replacement Lenses – Very cool are Oakley Frames for any outdoor activity, however with normal wear and tear you’re probably going to break a few lenses. These replacement lenses will save you.
  • Runtasty Running Belt – You don’t want to keep your phone and other necessities packed away in a backpack, but holding them is out of the question. That’s where Runtasty’s running belt comes in. It’s unisex low profile, and holds everything you’ll need. 
  • FSL Al13 Heavy Bass Earbuds – I love listening to music on a ride and these headphones are a good way to do it. The sound quality is great, and they’re quite durable.

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