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Outfit: Scarf in the Summer

 Sunglasses / Scarf / Top / Jeans / Shoes 

I was at my grandparents’ “farm” ,this is their name for it not mine since it’s basically just a whole bunch of land with a large garden and traditional style home (as in no fields or anything), last week. After swimming and playing with the cats, I decided to take a few pictures of what I was wearing. It’s just your basic crop top and jeans look with a few extra accessories. An outfit I can feel comfortable in during the long car ride, but not feel embarrassed about going into the gas station in. 


Sunglasses – Now that the days are longer I feel like I’ve been reaching for these sunglasses more and more. You probably saw them in my pretty much delete worth ootd, where they were basically the only good thing there. I love the bamboo frames and that I can match the colored lenses with my outfits. 

Scarf – I know scarfs aren’t really a summer thing, but because I don’t like to show off my shoulders that much I thought that it was a good modesty piece. Plus it was a little chilly, so it wasn’t a completely conservative thing to do. 

Top – Almost a year ago I got this lace crop top that you first saw paired with a clingy floral skirt. It’s become a summer staple of mine, since it’s light in color and great for when the weather gets hot. I do wish it were a bit longer though. 

Jeans – As much as I’ve tried to switch over to skirts, I am a jeans girl most of the time. This pair is skinny legs (my favorite) and a medium wash making them easy to wear with just about anything. Plus they’re stretchy which means comfortable. 

Shoes – A long time ago (in blog time anyways) I did a post on how to wear toms that featured a pair of eyelet shoes. Of course I fell in love with them, and had to buy a pair for myself, which is what you see on my feet. 


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