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Fitness Friday: 5 Random Products I Love


I keep saying it, but for my job I really need to work out more. I’ve made progress since I’ve started but I’ve still got a long way to go. Simple things like a new running outfit or cool fitness products for things like biking. So whenever I can find something to help me get motivated I’m always excited to use it and share it, and I’ve brought five of these products to share today. 

  • Pavendeep Exercise Ball – I’ve wanted one of these balls since middle school. Although they aren’t expensive I didn’t think they were worth the space they’d take up, however I was so wrong. It’s great to use as a stability ball (working your abs just by sitting on it) and makes doing yoga and crunches so much easier. 
  • Soundwiz Sports Arm Band – Running is still something I’m working to motivate myself to do, but this armband makes it much easier. I love the bright color and that it has a large range of arm sizes that it fits. 
  • Shoe Laces – If you’re series about running, you want to make sure your shoes never come untied. Loosing precious seconds can be a big deal in a competition. These bright orange elastic laces don’t make that happen.
  • Balaclava Face Mask – Working out in the winter can be especially hard. It’s cold and often wet neither of which are make activities outdoors much fun. This mask covers almost all of the face  and is very breathable. 
  • Alien Armor Wrist Wraps – Along with burning calories its important to build muscles, most often by lifting weights. However you don’t want to want to hurt your wrists, something that can easily happen. These wraps will keep that from happening and look good too. 

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