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Book Review: Kill the Silence


Kill the Silence 
A Survivor’s Life Reclaimed
By Monika Korra

In 2009, college sophomore and track star Monkia Korra was grabbed by three men on her way home from a party and brutally raped. Within hours of being released, Monika resolved that she would not be a victim – she was going to be a survivor. Monika had traveled from her home in Norway to Southern Methodist University in Dallas determined to acclimate to life in the States and excited for the opportunity of a fun scholarship to do what she loved. As an athlete and Olympic hopeful, Monika already knew how to train against extreme fatigue soreness and distraction. She was stepping-stones to achieve her goals. 

Persistence and patience had always been her greatest tools. After the attack she would use the same qualities to regain her self-identity and find a “new normal”. Stripped of her sense of security, she slowly rebuilt her life with the help of her friends, family and her own unflappable spirit. Monika shares the inspiring combination of mental and physical work that gave her the strength to win her greatest fight yet: the court case against the three men who had attacked her. She testified against them with confidence and a fierce determination that these men would never be able to hurt anyone else. In the end two of them received life sentences one with parole and one, for the worst of the three men without parole. 

My Thoughts: Monika Korra went through something so horrible I can’t even imagine, and she survived. Not only was she able to (with professional help, and loving family & friends) overcome what had happened to her and proceed with her life, but she bravely testified against her attackers in court. Monika Korra is an example of individual bravery, and her book, Kill the Silence is not only a story of survival, but also a story of healing and forgiveness. If you like Unstoppable or Asia’s New Wings, this is a book to check out. 


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