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Outfit: I didn’t Grow this Hair Myself

Top / Shorts / Bag c/o Fricaine /Shoes (similar) / Extensions c/o UU Hair Extensions
I think my classes this summer are literally killing me. You might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much lately, and I’m here to inform you that isn’t because I’m out doing cool things. It’s because I’m either in class, doing homework or studying. However over the weekend I made sure take a few picture of my basic summer outfit, a look I went sans makeup for. 
Top – I’ve had this shirt for awhile and even though it’s a little short still get a lot of use out of it with high waisted pants and skirts. I love the top layer look, and with my blonde hair the black color is quite nice. 
Shorts – I know you just saw me in a pair of high waisted shorts for my Fourth of July Outfit but they have quickly become my go to summer piece. They’re comfortable and make my butt look good (similar to yoga pants? haha) so of course I’m going to give them some miles. 
Bag – The focal point of this outfit has to be my rainbow bag from Fricaine. It’s big enough that I can skip my backpack and put my school supplies inside but not so big that it’s a hassle to carry around. Plus the patchwork design is fun. 
Shoes – I bought these shoes in a Tj Maxx Haul at a steep discount. Although they aren’t the easiest to get on, they’re modern and chic looking. 
Extensions – Now for the part of my outfit you might have noticed first (or saw in the title) that some of this hair isn’t mine. I was given 18 inch hair extensions that are real human hair from UU Hair. The texture is amazing, and the color matches perfectly. 

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