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App Review: CSR Racing


In the spirit of trying to properly keep a theme going (Tech Tuesday) I have a mobile game application for you guys! If you know me very well you might know that cars aren’t really my thing. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a V6 and a V8 let alone which car is the best for this or that. So it might seem a little odd that I’ve been playing the very popular CSR Racing game on my iPhone, however I actually really like the game. And I don’t completely suck at it!


You start out at tier one, as low as you can go, and are given a bit of money to start with. From there you can pick from all of the tier 1 cars to buy and pick out your favorite. They have the stats for each car listed along with the price so if you’re terrible with car things like I am it’s okay. Once you have your car you can visit the map where there are a variety of races to do. 

There’s freestyle with Easy Medium and Hard options (this is my favorite) where you win a set amount of cash per race. Then there’s the ladder where you race progressively more difficult cars with increasing prize money. Then there’s the restriction set where your car has to meet certain criteria to race (say an engine upgrade 3) and most importantly the boss set. You go from one boss to the next increasing difficulty. 

So if on some of the races if there is increasing difficulty you might be wondering how you can make your car faster. This is all done through upgrades that you purchase with money you’ve won during races. They get more expensive as you go and eventually you have to import parts (this takes real time) to get them fitted to your car.  

My Thoughts: Although this game does have a few annoying things it does, like making you go to the screen with a car you’d have to buy for real money (you can’t just exit out) it is quite fun to play and the gas you use to race is replenished in a reasonable amount of time without having to watch advertisements or pay real money. I especially love the daily races where you get to use a super car, and win larger sums of money and the global challenges that have great prizes. CSR Racing is like the advanced version of the Traffic Racer App and a great way to kill some time if you’re bored without feeling guilty if you don’t play all the time, I’m talking to you Game of War. 


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