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Book Review: Only with Blood


Only with Blood
A novel of Ireland

Therese Down
“Rich in historical detail, Only with Blood vividly recreates the Ireland of the 1940’s.  Part family drama, part political thriller, this well crafted book will introduce you to characters you can really care about.”  – Gerard Kelly, author of The Boy Who loved Rain
Jack Flynn is a farmer strong and aggressive, proudly independent.  But on his lonely smallholding in Tipperary in the new Republic of Ireland, he is slowly dying of tuberculosis.  
Jack engages the services of the local matchmaker, and purchases a young wife who can bear him sons to inherit his land,  His choice, Caitlin Spillane, is less than half age, attractive and intelligent, and resents bitterly the obedience forced upon her.  
When Donal Kelly, a young firebrand and IRA activist, arrives in the village, he is determined to liberate Catlin from her unloved husband – by any means.
A stirring novel set against the struggle for the heart of Ireland during the Second World War, when IRA notoriously sought assistance from the Nazis, and Eamon de Valera, the Irish Taoisearch, opposed their efforts in ever way possible in order to preserve peace and his country’s neutrality.
“Beautifully written, with crisscrossing, captivating storyline, Only with Blood reveals tenderness and trauma.  A great read.” – Catherine Campbell
Therese Down has taught English language and literature for over 20 years.  She lives in Worchestershire

Verdict: I have to say that the 1940’s is now my favorite story time period. Therese Down has written an amazing book with intricate issues going on just people the surface. Of course another great story setting is anywhere in the UK and I have a soft spot for Ireland. Mix in a love story and what can be better? If you like Triple Knot or The Vicar’s Wife this is a book to read.  


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