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How to Wear a Floppy Hat

Top (similar) / Jeans / Hat / Purse / Shoes

Maybe I’ve been watching too much British Tennis, but it seems like floppy hats are all the rage this summer. They’re sophisticated and chic, while at the same time protecting you from sun damages that can cause a host of aging problem. For my floppy hat look I wanted something that wasn’t too prim and proper but still had the look of a classic summer outfit.

  • Top – Even though I’m now a blonde I’m still loving orange as a summer color. This tank top has uneven layers and delicate lace feel. The cut is for more flat chested girls (ahem me!) but could easily be tacked. 
  • Jeans – I’ve talked about how to style boyfriend jeans recently and I’m loving them more and more. I added them to this look to make it a bit more casual and more wearable out in the real world. 
  • Hat – About this hat. I choose it because although it is in the floppy hat category it does have a bit of structure, making a  while lot more wearable. The wide brim and tan color can go for a lot of different outfits. 
  • Purse – I’m probably never going to be a big person but I love the simplicity of this bag. It is a Prada bag but I’m sure you can find a much cheaper very similar version that has the warm color and large strap. 
  • Shoes – Last but not least, the shoes. Since it’s summer I went with a delicate pair of light colored wedges. I love the rope texture and strap design. 

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