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Outfit: After a Run Internet vs. Reality


 Headband c/o Fast Mile / Top / Sports Bra / Running Belt c/o Run Baby / Shorts / Socks c/o Groove / Shoes (similar) 

For this Fitness Friday I thought I could show you guys my current running look, and a funny comparison between two photos I took after running. Before we get into that though I have to talk about this new water bottle I was given to try out by the people at Futurepace Tech. When they said they were sending me a stainless steel water bottle, I was a little skeptical. I expected something heavy and militarist (not in a good way). However I was quite wrong, this water bottle is modern (it comes in three chic colors), lightweight and holds the perfect amount of water for me.  You can get your own HERE from Amazon. 


 Headband – When I run, jog or really do any type of exercise my hair can’t help but look terrible. It’s messy, maybe a little oily, and always in my face. This fleece headband not only covers my ears, a pet peeve of mine even if the weather’s warm, but it makes my hair manageable with its wide design and ponytail hole. 

Top & Sports Bra – For a run just try and wear a pretty colored t-shirt with a sports bra underneath. This particular sports bra is extremely comfortable and actually supports, and there’s no smashing. 

Running Belt & Shorts – Running belts are all the rage right now and this Run Baby one is one of my favorites. It’s bright orange, comfortable to wear, and holds all my stuff. Its paired with a basic elastic waist short that are super comfortable.

Socks & Shoes – Although these running socks from  Groove are meant for men I’m absolutely loving them. They’re just below the knee have a fun design and compress without discomfort. The shoes are just an old pair that I’ve had for at least three years, and have stood up well. 

And now for the not so hot pictures, also taken after my run. 



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