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Book Review: Unlikely Rebel


Unlikely Rebel
A Church Girls’ Journey out of Shoulds and Shame
By Kelli Gotthardt 

Kelli Gotthardt was always considered a “good girl.”  As a pastors’ wife, she threw herself into every ministry, saying yes to every request her church family made.  On the outside, her life looked completely together – but inside she was drowning in self-doubt and shame.
Many women in the church struggle with the same problems, we feel selfish when we say no, feel trapped in expectations, and make decisions based on “shoulds.”  Kelli ‘s journey from the comfort of doing everything expected to the uncertainty of living authentically reveals a path that leads us away from the frustration of trying to keep it all together and shows us instead the freedom and love God has always intended for us.
Kelli Gotthardt is a pastor’s wife, international speaker, and leadership consultant.  She holds a master’s degree in spiritual formation, and helps Christian leaders develop life rhythms for sustainable ministry.

My Thoughts: People are quick to judge others, especially people they feel should be above them. Take for example scandals that happen with a movie star or congressman, if it were anyone else it wouldn’t even make a splash. On a smaller scale, should I say more intimate, Kelli Gothardt faced these pressures as a pastor’s wife. Unlikely Rebel is a great book for people feeling inadequate or worried about their self image. If you like When We Were on Fire or A Year of Living Prayerfully this is a book to check out. 


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