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Review: Ozeri CardioTech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


As I’ve done more modeling I’ve started to realize that I need to get in better shape. A little bit for weight loss but mostly for muscle gain and overall health. I’ve been doing a lot of different posts things to do with exercise like What to Wear on a Run and Fitness Products in my Routine but I haven’t talked all that much about tracking your progress something that’s quite important. 

This Blood Pressure Monitor is available on Amazon which I think is great. That means easy payments and shipping with worry free returns. Inside the normal shipping box this Ozeri product had a branded box (making it good for a gift) with the product picture on it as well as plenty of information and included batteries. 

Verdict: This CardioTech Pro Series Blood Pressure Monitor is super comfortable. It has a satin inside and a velcro adjustable strap, plus it isn’t too heavy. The screen and readouts are easy to read and the controls respond. Overall a good blood pressure monitor with the added bonus of a hypertension monitor. 


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