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Review: RegenFX Skin Care System


I’m all about skincare something you might know about me if you’ve read my blog. I’m often looking for the latest and greatest thing, and if I go into a store that has skin care I’m sure to do a little testing. However not all skin care is created equal and some is only made for specific skin types. So when I was offered the RegenFx Skin Care System to review I was impressed that they are for all skin types. 

The system is made to be a more affordable luxury product. It has all the anti-aging qualities as well as protect the skin from future damage and nourish it now so it looks brighter and healthier. Each piece of the set comes in a white bottle with a black lid and base as well as black lettering on the middle. 

Total Regeneration Eye Gel – The eyes are normally one of the first things that start to show signs of aging. Little crows feet appear first and then smile lines. To help fight this RegenFX has included plant stem cells, triple peptide complex and pure amino acid complex. All of these are known to help combat wrinkles and when applying this eye gel does weigh down my skin.

Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum – Other than the sun there’s another big cause of wrinkles, dryness. This hyaluronic complex will quickly add moisture to your skin (at my age I use it every other day or else it’s too moist). It’s made to help get rid of sagging and dulness as well. 

Age Defying Moisture – With intense college regeneration, super 7 peptide complex and more you know that this is going to get rid of wrinkles. What I was impressed with though was that unlike a lot of other anti-aging moisturizers this wasn’t harsh on my skin.

Verdict: I  like each of the RegenFX Skin Care System separately and as a group I love them. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and they’re formulated with a lot of great things that are known to fight the signs of aging. Best of all they aren’t harsh and work for all types of skin.


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