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Wella Turned Me Platinum (and gave me an Afro)


 I’m sure you’ve seen all of my blog posts for the past TWO MONTHS of me with blonde hair, and today I’m going to share how I got this way. I know I’m literally the worst blogger ever for waiting this long to do this post when I’ve had the pictures, and everything for so long. Anyways…


 You might have remembered I talked about trying to get my makeup off after my Herff Jones shoot, luckily it did eventually all come off, and I made it to my casting 15 minutes early, or so I thought. My agency had told me an hour earlier than I needed to be there so I sat in the lobby waiting, luckily I wan’t the only one who’d been given too early of a time so at least I wasn’t alone. Plus the lobby of the Conrad isn’t too bad of a place to hang out. 


 Finally it was the actual casting time so we went upstairs into one of the hotels meeting rooms, and sat down. Then one by one the hair stylists walked in and started whispering among themselves. They went down a line picking people, a few times getting up from their chairs to feel someone’s hair or ask a question. I did however get picked as soon as I said I was open to any color (brunette isn’t all the popular of a hair color) and after that just had to fill out some paperwork and get details for the salon. 


 Since they were doing a major change for my hair I had to be at Zen Salon and Spa by 10 a.m. which of course isn’t too big of a deal because with summer school I’m used to getting up early and because the salon is like a five minute drive from my house. It wasn’t long before I was herded into a chair to get my hair done. Since the theme was Red White and Blue  the first step was getting the dark dye from my Brocato Shoot  out before doing two bleaching rounds and a bit of toner. All of this was done by the talented Jacqueline Epley who not only was able to get my hair to almost white, but did it without damaging my hair or burning my scalp. After that I was cut by the main hair stylist Jason Schwind before heading home with some leave in conditioner. The next morning we were back at the Conrad before going to the Circle Center Mall. From there (in the basement which has huge dressing rooms and such) it took an hour to get my hair curled then put in curlers and hair sprayed. Then on to wardrobe and makeup before lunch provided by Wella (they gave us breakfast too and lots of food at the salon) and finally we had practice on the runway. Since I haven’t done that aspect of modeling since I was like ten, I was a bit nervous about it. 


 However the show went very well. I was Jason Schwind’s power set (making me awesome, not really but still) for the “white girl afro”. Although my look was the most extreme, from bleaching to styling his whole show was really cool. He had fun pieces, for the models to walk with and paired us well. Much more creative than I could be. 

Now for a few selfie photos because I couldn’t stop myself.

 Although it’s not something I think I could do myself I loved having a blonde afro for a day and miss it more than I think I should. Plus when someone like Randy Shamma does your makeup, you’ve got to take more than one picture of it. 


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