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Review: Leaf Vodka



Something you might already know about me is that I’m not a big drinker. I’m not someone who’s really into going out and getting drunk, I much prefer alcohol at home with friends and drinking something for the taste, not for the buzz. So when I was given the chance to review the Leaf Vodka line I was immediately interested. I mean I kind of thought all Vodka was the same. 

Leaf Vodka is as it turns out very different than I expected. First of all its made with organic wheat which I think is pretty cool. In addition to that they also use specific water, but I’ll get more into that later. First the packaging. They both come in clear glass bottles with writing on the front and a leaf on the back. They’re well sealed and offer all the information you’d need on the bottle. 

 Leaf Made From Alaskan Glacial Water Vodka  – It’s lighter than I expected for an 80 proof bottle and a little sweet too. There’s a bit of a lemon, or citrus flavor (I can’t quite place it) as well as a warmer candied flavor, that makes it taste sugary and refreshing. Not a combination I’d expect but not bad. 

Leaf Made From Rocky Mountain Mineral Water Vodka – This is much more like your traditional Russian vodka. It has a harsher flavor, something like smoked wood, with black pepper that’s more for those masculine drink mixes. 

Verdict: I didn’t expect different water to make different vodka but in the case of these Leaf Vodkas I found out it does make a difference. They’re both quite good and with a retail of $17 are much cheaper than I expected. I guess I’ve got something new for my Moscow Mule Mug. 

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