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Book Review: The Reckless Love of God


The Reckless Love of God
Experiencing the Personal Passionate Heart of the Gospel
By Alex Early

Does God Really Love ME? Sometimes the bigger something is, the easier it is to forget. You may have heard all your life that God is love, but has the truth of that statement really sunk in? In The Reckless Love of God, pastor and church planter Alex Early pulls you in close to ask if you’ve ever really considered what it means to say “Jesus loves me.” God’s love for us is real – he feels knowns, and even suffers on our behalf. Nothing will change your life, your goals, your relationships, faster than being captivated by this reality. Whether you grew up as a Christian and have forgotten this essential truth, or if you’re hearing it for the first time, you need to be reminded – and assured – of the simple, amazing mind-blowing fact that God loves us. 

Alex Early (Mdiv, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; MA, London School of Theology) is a pastor who has plated a church in a bar, served as a theology professor, created the Acts 29 West Academy, and launched the Acts 29 podcast. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree at Western Seminary, Alex lives with his wife and children in Atlanta Georgia. 

Many people are living as Sunday Christians. I don’t mean that they do bad things through the week or anything like that, I mean they only think about God when they’re in Church. The Reckless Love of God tries to change this and make you realize all the time that not only is God present but that he love you, no matter what. If you like Christian Faith in the Old Testament or A Christian Survival Guide, The Reckless Love of God is a book to check out. 


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