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My Bright Baum Tree


Lately there’s been a certain tree that’s taken over my feed. Hollywood stars I love have been posting pictures of themselves with this tree or showing how it looks in their backyard. The thing is this isn’t just any tree. It’s the Bright Baum LED tree. As much as I admired these trees I didn’t think I’d ever be able to own one because all the ones I saw were huge, I mean 9 ft or more. Not only is that a bit out of my budget, I couldn’t imagine anywhere I would put something so grand. 

Thanks to Derek Warburton (who you might remember when I talked about his Summer Hot List) I not only found out that they make trees that are 2′ and very affordable, but he also had one sent to me. So I decided I could share a few photos of my new tree. 

Each flower has an individual LED light that’s actually very bright. You can easily more the branches and adjust the tree into the shape you like (much easier than traditional bonsai) and I was very impressed with just how real the bark on the tree felt. The leaves were authentic looking and feeling on the Bright Baum tree too. I could go on and on about the quality but I’ll let the pictures do a little bit of the talking for me. 

And a few of my selfie rejects trying to get the perfect photo to share on Instagram. It really isn’t easy posing with a bonsai tree…
Anyways back to what may be a question in your mind, how much exactly does this 2ft Juno tree cost? I have to say I was expecting about $250, but it’s actually $90 which isn’t much more expensive than a nice flower arrangement. Something to think about for a gift, or for glamorizing your makeup area if you’re anything like me. 
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