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My Rimmel London VoxBox


Over the course of my blogging “career” I’ve gotten three different VoxBoxes The first the Sweetheart Voxbox  was absolutely amazing followed by the very nice Goodlife one and most recently the Venus Razor box  which was just okay. So when Influenster told me they were sending me the Rimmel London Voxbox I wasn’t sure what to expect. As it turns out though this is my favorite Voxboxes so far.

  • Stay Glossy Lip Gloss  – I didn’t really expect this lipgloss to do much because Non Stop Glamour is actually pretty close to my natural lip color but I love it. It’s super sparkly and applies so easily. Plus it isn’t too sticky. 
  • Natural Bronzer, Sunshine – I hate to admit it, but before this Rimmel London product I’ve never used a bronzer myself (I’ve had makeup artists put it on me), but I think I will from now on. It’s easy to apply, gives me one of those healthy glows and stays on well throughout the day. 
  • Scandal Eyes Mascara –  Drug store mascara is my thing. Even with the option of more expensive products I always fall back on it and Scandal Eyes is added to my list. It might be a little thick for some wearers but it doesn’t clump and like the bronzer is waterproof. 
And here’s a photo of me using the products that were in my Voxbox, not bad right?

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