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The Summer VacYAYtion with U by Kotex


If you don’t have summer school like I’ve had, although I do have a two week break right now, summer can become synonymous with vacation. This summer my only vacation was a weekend trip to Shipshewana, something I do fairly often to buy cheap organic foods and antiques, so I didn’t have any period scares but trust me they’re been a problem in the past.

I specifically remember one vacation, a trip to Hawaii where I’d started my period, and it just about ruined my trip. I hadn’t been expecting it and of course had to run to the local market which only had big thick pads which were basically diapers. Of course this meant all my outfits were unbearable and everything was uncomfortable. Worst of all though I had two leak accidents (luckily I caught them early) that ruined my underwear.

U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pads

U by Kotex Cleanwear Ultra Thin Pads

Having U by Kotex Security or Cleanwear would have made my vacation so much more fun, and saved me two pairs of underwear. You can get your sample and try them out for yourself HERE


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