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How to Dress to Run in the City

Sports Bra / Leggings / Sunglasses / Shirt / Shoes 

Although I don’t normally go to school in the big city, last semester and the summer that’s exactly what I was doing. I’ve actually learned a lot about the city and city living through various modeling and school experiences so for this Fitness Friday I decided to share with you guys an outfit for running in the city. 

  • Sports Bra – For all around everywhere I’ve been loving using sports bras. Because you’re going to be wearing a shirt over it (due to certain groups of people), the color and such doesn’t really matter, just that it offers plenty of support. 
  • Leggings – Shorts would be ideal for a run through the city, but again because of certain people (I’m sure you know what I mean) modesty is much better. The stretchy shape is for comfort and the black color keeps sweat from showing. 
  • Sunglasses – Both to keep the sun out of your eyes and to keep from looking as if you’re staring at people sunglasses are a necessity. I love this pair because it has large lenses and a lightweight durable frame. 
  • Shirt – This is a boy’s shirt but for something to throw on during a run and be able to easily take off its great. Plus it isn’t going to stick to you during a run and make you get overheated, and the color is great for being able to be seen. 
  • Shoes – Just based on how these shoes look (especially with the shirt) I had to add these shoes to this set. I’ve also heard a lot about how comfortable they are so its for sure something to check out. 

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