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Kelloggs at P&G Gymnastics (Indianapolis)


As you might have seen on Instagram last week I worked at the P&G Gymnastics tournament in Indianapolis. Although brand ambassador / promotional model aren’t what I usually do since I had the week off between summer school and the fall semester I figured it might be fun to work the four days, especially since I used to be really into gymnastics. I didn’t quite realize it was going to be 11 hours a day until after I’d already said yes. Luckily though the whole gig ended up being low key and quite fun. 

Most of our job, five other brand ambassadors and myself had was to pass out cereal samples, and put milk in them for people. Of course at a big event with expensive food this went over pretty well, so we were busy almost the whole time. As a side not we could see the Pacers and Fever practicing in the basketball court below us. 


How I looked for the days. I actually like the shirt quite a bit, but the hat not so much. 


During slow times we’d take shifts and head over to the P&G booth. They were giving out full sized covergirl makeup (like my full lash bloom mascara, red lip gloss, lipstick, some nail polish and a smokey eye quad)  As well as samples of other P&G products like an anti-aging hair serum, tide pods and tooth paste. 


They also had this beach party sort of thing one of the days but it wasn’t that great. Other than the sand art there wasn’t anything. 

On the last day of competition, after the Kelloggs executives left (I think they just stayed for the girl’s events) our manager was nice enough to let us watch some of the men’s events during our break up in their suite. The Banker’s Life suites have a kitchen, counters to sit at and a few of what I like to call “business chairs”. There’s also the main seats that look like everyone else. Watching the event for those isn’t the best vantage point but the men’s gymnastics was actually really cool. 

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